Writing to Hold Myself Accountable

I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. They die before the Super Bowl. There’s nothing wrong with resolutions. It’s okay to want to change for the better. Goals are better.

Goal # 1: Write more. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. My full-time job demands most of my time, but the time for change is upon me. My job sucks my will to live.

I write this in a Buca Di Beppo dining room accompanied by an Italian cosmopolitan and a Caesar salad. No one else is there to distract me. It’s blissful.

Goal # 2: Golf more. My pandemic putting green awakened my inner golf girl. 2022 is the year of embracing that girl and completing a full 18 hole course.

Photo courtesy of author

Houston is very golf friendly. I just finished a free golf clinic at the PGA Superstore in the Woodlands. My growing stomach directed me over to the Buca Di Beppo across the parking lot. I satisfy my appetite with warm, crusty bread, salad, and pesto penne pasta.

That’s all I am committing to right now. Goals are fluid. Resolutions feel ironclad and doomed. I don’t care if anyone reads this article. The point is to hold myself accountable. We make resolutions to appease everyone else. Goals are how we change ourselves from within.




Word Nerd, Movie Geek, Writer, Southpaw, Texan

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SJ Matthews

SJ Matthews

Word Nerd, Movie Geek, Writer, Southpaw, Texan

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